The faces of ChocoLeya - ChocoLeya
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The faces of ChocoLeya


The Experimenter: Vincent

As a culinary professional with over three decades of gastronomy experience, I have always been fascinated by the gourmet.
Coming from Belgium, a country with strong chocolate-making traditions, after exploring all culinary fields, I take on the challenge to start organic, bean-to-bar small batch chocolate brand with my life partner, Elly. Trusting my instinctual sense of what makes food great, I am on a mission to produce the finest origin chocolate there is. Using only organic, premium ingredients, naturally.


The Dreamer: Elly

I am Vincent’s strongest and most dedicated supporter ever since we first met in the year 2000. Having joined him on all his endeavors, I like to call myself the visionary behind ChocoLeya. With a passion to match, no less!
I am the dreamer, the believer, the optimist…
To me, chocolate is an emotion, a love affair, a story…


We both believe that taste, smell, textures and aromas should all blend together in a harmonious and divine way to create the chocolates we are so passionately crafting today.

It is this exact ideology that drives us, the creators of ChocoLeya, to deliver the best of all worlds – heavenly chocolate with exquisite flavor for the health-conscious.

Sometimes, just sometimes, if something sounds too good to be true, it is probably ChocoLeya!

Enjoy ChocoLeya, Enjoy Life!

Elly and Vincent