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Why ChocoLeya


The International Chocolate Awards of Chocoleya

are not just recognition of the superior quality of our creations, they are the ultimate reward for our love, passion and great desire to create perfect chocolate!


They are the patting on the back that gives us wings …

They are the nod of approval that demands to never compromise …


They are the wink that reminds us this is only the beginning!


Chocoleya’s friends are the reason why we love what we do!

We thrive on your feedback and strive to get further, together!


Chocoleya are a real treat! Extremely tasty, downright addictive.

Since we first tried them, the whole family has become a chocoholic.

I’m not exaggerating. I don’t remember eating that much chocolate.

Polina Dinkova


The most delicious white chocolate I’ve ever eaten. The personal attitude is evident in every aspect – from the selection of the original ingredients to the details of the packaging. This is important and speaks volumes. And my wife, after trying the chocolate, told me that she only wants me to buy this one for her as of now on.

Ivailo Valkanov


I’m not a fan of dark chocolate, but yours is the most delicious dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted. You definitely changed my mind about dark chocolate.

Suzana Boycheva